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Ask Our Doctor About: Cysts, Tumors, & Neuromas

The questions on this Website have been answered by Board Certified Foot and Ankle Specialists associated with OurHealthNetwork.com. The foot and ankle physicians and surgeons in this group have a combined 100 years of practice experience. The information and opinions expressed below should not be viewed as diagnoses and treatments, but rather as information to help you understand your foot or ankle related problem. All medical problems should be diagnosed and treated by a foot and ankle specialist in your state, or your family doctor.


Subject: Neuroma of the lateral plantar nerve

"I have been diagnosed with a heel neuroma along my lateral plantar nerve. Have you ever heard of this and what are the available treatments? I have seen four doctors who all feel they cannot help me. The pain is excruciating. Can this get worse over time?"
Dr. Kasdan's response: "Yes, I have treated neuromas of the lateral plantar nerve. A neuroma is a soft tissue mass which forms on a nerve, and may invade the nerve itself. Treatments may include: injections, custom-made orthotics, physical therapy, surgical intervention, etc...I suggest that you discuss your problem with your family doctor."

Subject: Post-surgical pain

"I have had two neuromas removed from my right foot. My foot pain has been greatly reduced, but I still have metatarsal pain. Per my doctor, I went through therapy, but the painful knot is still there and it hurts when I walk. Any suggestions on what I can do to help relieve the pain?"
Dr. Kasdan's response: "When surgery is performed on the feet, the protective fatty pad and tissue is disturbed. Sometimes a portion of it is absorbed, and the result may be pain when walking. There is no way to replace this fat, but it can be artifically added to the outside of the skin with custom-made orthotics. Custom-made orthotics, made from molds of one's feet, not only pad and protect the ball, but they transfer the weight from the ball of the foot to the arch, thus making walking more comfortable. Also, orthotics can help to prevent neuromas from recurring by placing a Morton's Neuroma Pad or metatarsal pad on the orthotic. For more information about neuromas, please click here. Also, click here to learn more about custom-made orthotics. These orthotics will relieve your pain!"

Subject: Neuromas

"After walking barefoot on any hard surface, my last 3 toes and right under them on the ball of my foot turn red and throb. It will sometimes wake me up at night and it hurts terribly. Nothing relieves it, nothing I have ever taken helps either. It can sometimes go for 2 months without even bothering me. Can you tell me what this may be?"
Dr. Kasdan's response: "The problem you describe can be one of several things: bursitis, a stress fracture, ganglion cyst, or Morton's neuroma. Neuromas are small soft tissue masses on a nerve in the foot. They are usually caused by adjacent metatarsal bones applying pressure to the nerve which runs between them. This causes the nerve to swell, and eventually a neuroma forms. Other classical symptoms of a neuroma are: a "clicking" sensation in your foot when walking with shoes on; numbness, or "funny feelings" in the adjacent sides of 2 toes; and the pain usually subsides with removing your shoe and massaging the foot. Treatments may include: injections of cortisone, wearing wider and and more supportive shoes, rest, physical therapy, surgical intervention, and  custom-made orthotics. The orthotics are not only padded under the ball of the foot, but they have a Morton's neuroma pad or metatarsal pad which helps prevent the metatarsals from rubbing against the nerve. The custom made orthotics we make will help keep you comfortable, active, and fit in dress shoes with a heel height up to 1 and 1/2 inches. Click here to learn more about custom-made orthotics."

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