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SmoothToeŽ Racer Athletic Energizing Socks With Vented Soles

SmoothToe® Racer Athletic Energizing Socks With Vented Soles: These Knee High Vented Sole Socks increase circulation to the feet and legs, protect against muscle strains and skin breakdown, wick moisture away from the skin, and dramatically speed recovery from exercise induced muscle soreness.

SmoothToe Energizer Socks are made with 15-20mmHg of Graduated Compression. 

Graduated compression socks that exert 15mmHg or more at the ankle have been clinically proven to increase the flow of blood back to the heart by providing support for blood vessels in the lower leg. This may also account for the energizing sensation experienced by the wearers.

SmoothToe Energizing Socks have undergone 6 years of rigorous field testing, modification, and review from professional athletes as well as vascular experts and podiatric surgeons from the Mayo Clinic.
Every feature of the sock delivers a specific medical benefit

Features and Benefits:

  • Made of COOLMAX XtraLife and LYCRA fabrics - These are the highest quality fabrics available and deliver superior moisture wicking and athletic comfort, when compared to natural fibers like cotton and wool.
  • Seamless Construction - Eliminates friction “hot spots” that cause blisters and skin breakdown, making them ultra comfortable to wear for extended periods or under extreme athletic conditions.
  • Mid-foot Arch Support - Provides support to high OR fallen arches which dramatically reduces foot fatigue and soreness, even under extreme athletic conditions or prolonged periods of standing or travel.
  • Y-Heel & Enclosed Toe Box (for specific shoe size fit) - Delivers optimal fit for individual shoe size (not possible in “one size fits all”). Sock remains in place without wrinkling, for added protection.
  • Doctor tested and recommended.

Save by ordering from this Website.

Available colors
: white and black.

Sizing: order by shoe size.

Order   Women's Shoe Size  Men's Shoe Size
 Small     4 - 6 1/2     3 - 5 1/2 
 Medium     7 - 9 1/2      6 - 8 1/2 
 Large     10 - 12 1/2      9 - 11 1/2
 X-Large       12 - 14 1/2


Product Number:  8097
Price: $29.87 / Pair

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